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The Jolly Good Blogging Award


My very good blogging friend Susie Sunfarts ┬áhas not only nominated me for this fantastic award with its lovely logo but she invented it specifically for me! How jolly good is that? That makes it unique in the whole Universe. I am the one and only recipient of this award for the whole of time or until Susie decides to award it to another Brit. You will notice the Union Jack in the background and the top hat. To Susie, that is what Britain is all about. That and that Brits wander around saying “Jolly Good” and “Splendid” or “Top hole old bean”. For someone who had never been to Britain she has got us well and truly sussed out.

I have followed Susie for some time now and I have to say she writes a brilliant blog. You never know what you are going to get as Mrs Gump would say. It may be a post about preparing her costume for the next cosplay convention she’s off too where she dresses as a superhero. Now, under normal circumstances posts about sewing and glueing costumes have absolutely no interest for me. I’m a bloke. A geezer. However, Susie writes a blog that is beyond the norm so she tells you about getting high from sniffing the glue she’s using and stepping on all the pins she dropped on the floor while bare foot and I think it’s hilarious. The next post may be about the arsehole who starts his car up at stupid o’clock in the morning and leaves it running while he has breakfast. Then it’ll be a recipe. I’ve not tried any of them but again, she has me in stitches with the way she writes it.


5. Grill the meat over a medium heat.

6. Get distracted by the cat doing something stupid.

7. Play with cat.

8. Smell burning and remember you’re supposed to be cooking.

9. Return to 1 and start again because you’ve burnt the meat due to the stupid cat……

She really must publish her version of a cookery book.

The next post may be written by her when in the depths of depression and express in no uncertain terms how she is feeling and why. Her bravery in exposing her soul and innermost feelings never ceases to amaze me.

Then it will be a beautiful photograph she took of a beach. Followed shortly afterwards on her opinion of an antiperspirant container as a dildo.

Throughout she swears and curses but at all times it has a light touch (except when she’s depressed). When every other blogger was wishing everyone a Happy New Year she was flipping the bird at all and sundry. It is totally off the wall and I love it.

Pay it a visit here.

Thank you for the award Susie. I love it.

Have a great day.

More Dick soon.