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Shades 2

I must admit I was a tad disappointed. A little while ago I published a post about ridiculous people wearing sunglasses at night or indoors who thought they looked cool doing so. In my opinion they look stupid but as with so many things there are always exceptions. I said there were only five people on the planet who looked cool wearing sunglasses at night and they are:

1. Ray Charles.


2. Jack Nicholson.


3. Neil Young. (I think he’s singing a song called “Who farted?”


4. Now I have a beard – me!


That’s only four and no one mentioned it! Perhaps the image I used of our good mate Arnie (Get to da chopper) Schwarzenegger confused the issue because he was wearing shades. Nope. It’s not him.

Here’s five more that it’s not.

1. Snoop Pig.Snoop Dogg-pics

2. Bonio from U2.bono5

3. Russell Brand.Russell Brand

4. Tom Cruise.Style-catchup-Tom-Cruise-Body

5. Justin Bibwearerjustin-bieber-new-song-broken

I did consider encouraging everyone to nominate who they thought it was but knowing my luck no one would respond and I’d look even more of an idiot than normal. However, if you disagree with my selection, feel free to nominate your own shades at night wearing dipsticks.

For the record, the fifth person on my list is………………………



I hope you have a great day.

More Dick soonauto


This post is directed at all those people who think they look cool wearing sunglasses indoors or at night. You don’t! You look idiotic. Take a hint from what they’re called. The sun isn’t out at night, it’s gone sleepies. Nor does it shine indoors. So stop being a twat and TAKE THEM OFF!

The chances of the sort of egocentric, narcissist who does wear sunglasses at night ever reading this splendid, intelligent, well written and witty blog are probably 17 billion to 1. Bearing in mind that the current world population is 7,324,782,000 that makes for pretty lousy odds.

As with everything, there are exceptions. Only five people in the whole world look cool wearing shades at night and they are (in no particular order):

Ray Charles


Jack Nicholson

Michael Tighe Archive "Jack Nicholson"

Neil Young (the coolest dude ever)



And now I have a beard – me!20150302_112150-1

Everyone else looks stupid. If you think someone else DOES look cool wearing shades at night then let me know and I’ll either snort with derision:


Or applaud your own coolness:


Which coming from an old fart like me means nothing at all!

Have a great day.

More Dick soon.