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  2. This got me all chocked up, but I can understand if you can’t continue. Thanks for sharing this Mr D.

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    • Hey there. Slightly confused here my girl as this comment links to my “About”! Anyway, little matter. It wasn’t supposed to do that. It was supposed to help me feel better by releasing all that stuff bad authors call “pent up emotion” as they can’t think of anything better and as I can’t think of anything better, that’s what I’ll call it. I always feel much worse after the writing itself. It must be all that emotion penting up. Now at just gone 7am I feel what goes for normal in this house. Off on the school run shortly.
      Have a lovely day Lily and sorry.

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      • Damn! It occurred to me that I’ve never read your About page and normally when I join a blog, it’s the first thing I look at. I thought I’d logged out of it before making my comment, but evidently I didn’t. That’s what happens when you don’t sleep.

        No need to say sorry. That’s the mark of a well written post.

        Hope your day goes well. I’m off to wake Spawn up for the 10th time. Just need to fill the bucket with cold water first…

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      • Strange isn’t it? That’s where I go to first. Need to know and all that. I need to revisit my About page. Wrote it ages ago and it’s probably nonsense. Perhaps I should have two like you do.

        Same with some of my lot. Ed is now working so no problem there. CJ has more energy than is good for a person and is usually self starting but Greg can be a nightmare. They are all now where they are supposed to be. Roads are dreadful again with all this rain we’re having but nowhere near as bad as those poor souls in Cumbria and Yorkshire.

        Have a brilliant day.

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  3. The lovely Lily bought me here (well, her blog did, and your comments on it).

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    • Oh dear! Lily has a lot to answer for! I have have been missing for a while and just dipping in and out of the blogs I follow as work has been manic and continues to be but I am making time to write some stuff and also to go look at other blogs like yours. Hopefully, we’ll be communicating often.

      Please feel free to comment and tell me I’m an arsehole any old time you like hahaha.

      Have a brilliant day.

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