I was at work the other day. It was quite early, probably about 7 am. I heard a bird start to sing. Without looking I thought to myself, “That’s a goldfinch.” I was right. I had remembered its song. My brain then went into overdrive as it scanned its memory banks and told me some associated information. The collective noun for Goldfinches is “a charm”. My brain then informed me that the collective noun for hedgehogs is “an array” and that if you remove all the fleas from a hedgehog it suffers from withdrawal symptoms. From there my brain informed me that the the collective noun for a group of wombats is “a wisdom”. Wombats!!
Then my brain thought:
“How do I know this stuff and yet some mornings I wake up and can’t remember who or where I am!”

More Dick soon


8 responses to “Memory.

  1. I never knew that about wombats – not sure they have much of it, my Dad raised one from a baby and it was so un-wisdomy that it fell in front of the open fire and singed the top of it’s ears off – still sleeping! It was fine after, just had shorter ears.
    Isn’t it weird how the brain-train-thought runs on the tracks?

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    • I’ve heard that wombats are more than thick but also as tough as old boots. A friend of mine lives in Perth and was driving his ute and hit one. Wrecked the front suspension while the wombat just wandered off. Or was it a ‘roo?
      You’re so right on that.Trains of thought do go off in the most unexpected directions. Well, they do with me.
      Got to try and fix my wordpress thingy. Everything works except I can’t download photos for some reason and while everything else is visible, all the text in the body of the bit it appears in when you type is white! Had to type that last post blind and then highlight it all. Weird or what.
      Have a nice day girlie

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      • That is weird. Hope it sorts itself out. A wombats bum is so hard it could dent a ute and walk away. Never kick a wombat in the bum cause you will break your foot.

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      • Well thank you for sharing that snippet of information about a wmbats bum. I was just amazed I’d remembered the collective noun! Why would I need to know? I live in England. No wombats here as far as I’m aware.
        I think the Mac I’m using came out of the Ark it’s so old. I can still access it all from my phone and I do have a new Mac I can use. Just got to do the necessary transfers.
        More Dick soon as I say and I do have more musings nearly ready. Have a great day

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  2. I love wombats. Me and my Mum wanted to move back to Australia and start a wombat ranch. Can you imagine being surrounded by cute ass wombats all day? How did they think up an array for a group of hedgehogs, and a gaggle for geese. Who thinks this stuff up?

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