I admit to feeling a bit chuffed with myself.

Over the last few days not only have I redecorated Gregs bedroom but I have also managed to install a new ceiling light in the dining room and two wall lights in the living room.

Why am I chuffed?

I didn’t burn the house down! Result

Have a great day.

More Dick soon


10 responses to “Chuffed

  1. Well done for not burning down the house. Although if you had and you had to eat Christmas dinner out in the garden, you could just call it alfresco.
    Hope you get a good rest over the holidays.

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    • Thank you. There’s always the shed but I suspect that if the house had burnt down, I’d be in the morgue!
      I hope you and Spawn have a perfectly splendid Christmas and New Year

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      • Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. xx

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      • The same to you lovely lady. I hope Father Christmas brings you all the stuff you want. I’m boycotting Toblerone and hoping for a football sized chocolate orange!
        You take good care of yourself girlie and you and Spawn have a smashing Christmas and a brilliant, healthy and prosperous 2017.
        My mate Elmer Fudd is watching over my blog during the festive period. Lord knows what will happen. Xxx

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      • I’m with you on the Toblerone boycott. All I ask for this Christmas, is a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher…in the shape of a pyramid!
        Cannot wait to see what your mate is going to do with your blog. I’m kinda excited and lord knows I could do with a bit of excitement in my life.
        Merry Christmas Mr D!! xx

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      • And a Merry Christmas to you too Ms Moose. I hope you get your pyramid.
        No idea whats going to happen. Elmer can’t even talk properly so not certain if he can write! He may not even try. We shall see.

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  2. Your chuffedness is understandable – revel in it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I’m chuffed for you. that’s better than I could have done. good job ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thank you girl from Montana living in Australia with your German boyfriend. To say I am inept at DIY is an understatement so I do get incredibly pleased with myself when something goes right.
      Have a fantastic Christmas


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