Shed? Oh. That Shed.

It’s up! The shed that is. So now I can talk about it. My builder mate BUFF came over and with just a tiny bit of assistance from me and in a few hours it was done. PIl is one very happy bunny. And I have some peace and quiet.

BUFF hard at it

BUFF hard at it

One completed, square, rectangular shed!

One completed, square, rectangular shed!

Have a great day.

More Dick soon


7 responses to “Shed? Oh. That Shed.

  1. Well done BUFF…er…I mean Mr D.

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    • Oh I see.
      Really it was all down to BUFF. He actually knows what he’s doing. He managed to eat his way through a couple of packs of bacon and a loaf of bread while he was erecting the shed. Naturally, I did help him eat the sarnies. He also bought half a dozen cup cakes his daughter had made. They were very yummy. What this has to do with building a shed is beyond me but we did have a blast.

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      • Workers cannot construct on an empty stomach. I’m pretty sure they found the remains of bacon sarnies at ancient Roman sites, especially down where they built Hadrian’s Wall. Like eating loads of chocolate and having a fat arse, some things just go hand in hand.

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      • Hahahaha. You are so right. Not just stuffing your face either. I know from watching Baldrick on Time Watch that they found a tea urn under Stonehenge. Boy did we drink some tea while we (ahem) built the shed. Spent a lot of time in the loo that night as well

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  2. yay, but gosh it’s small – the shed, that is. More like a cubby 😉 wouldn’t be able to get half my stuff in there (I’m from the country and we need big sheds here for all the useless stuff that we don’t actually need but must have to tame the wilds).

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