The Garden

The front garden, which has been my project for the last 12 months is coming along nicely. It needs more plants in it and I got another dozen to plant up on Sunday. Typically, since then the weather has been foul and I’ve not had a chance to actually put them in the soil. I’ve got Astilbes, Lupins, Freesias (my mums favourite if I remember correctly), Anemones and a couple more Geums. I also got several ferns for Eeyores place down one side of the house that is particularly gloomy. I think that once they’re in it will begin to look more cottage gardeny although I suspect more plants will be required to get the desired effect but I’m pleased with it so far. 20160531_113633

The tulips out there did very well on long, straight stems but didn’t last as long as I had hoped mainly due, I think, to the wet weather. The alliums are looking particularly good at the moment as do some other plants I put in last year but have no idea what they are now.

I have been disappointed with the foxgloves though. After writing about how easy they are to grow and how they self seed everywhere, this year, despite having loads growing previously and possibly a billion seeds falling to the soil, only half a dozen have started to grow. What a bummer!20150612_100703

I like foxgloves for their height, their attraction to bees, their beautiful flowers and how easy they are to grow (usually). I can’t help thinking that the extremely wet winter we had has caused the seeds to rot away or, knowing my luck, the seeds floated off and one of my neighbours has a beautiful display.20150612_100842

Having said that, apparently it’s one of the joys of gardening insofar as you never quite know what each year will bring. I’m inclined to go along with that although the sense of disappointment when something doesn’t quite work out how you planned is a pain in the neck or, in my case, a pain in the lower back. Still, very soon now the front garden will be looking splendid and it will be time to contemplate the back garden which is looking more than a tad neglected. We (by ‘We”, I mean PIL) have plans for the back garden. Just about any plants we put in the beds last less than a season due to being flattened by youngsters playing, in no particular order, cricket, football, basketball, tennis, trample dads plants and take off the flowers with a frisbee (the last two being particular favourites with our kids). Once the front is finished, all the plants in the back garden will be transferred to the front to fill in any spaces there and the ensuing space planted with shrubs.2004_OND-BELL-HEBEVI4

Shrubs tend to be more resilient to the kind of abuse my kids hand out plus they don’t seem to be so sensitive to being pissed on by the dog (and by me from time to time when I can’t be arsed to come in). The additional bonus of having shrubs there is that they quickly grow large enough to devour all kinds of balls, frisbees and water pistols. Either that or shrubs have some kind of portal to another dimension where stuff like that disappears for all time. A bit like washing machines and socks.

Now that I have made my sister Boo

Boo. My sister. She often looks like this

Boo. My sister. She often looks like this

happy by writing about gardens and my toiletry habits I am going to go and dig some holes to put our new plants in cos it’s stopped raining. I just hope there isn’t any cat crap out there.

Have an outstanding day. They are the best ones to have.

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13 responses to “The Garden

  1. This is the best time of year for gardening. You can actually sit in the garden and look at it. Plus, the best is still to some.

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  2. Nice photo of ahebe there, I have masses of them and love how the grow and flower and can be slaughtered mercilessly when I am in a vengeful mood, yet will bounce right back. Plus they self seed and are really, really hardy. Good shrub in my book.

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    • I totally agree with you on that. Bees love ’em as well and that is another bonus. We have a couple out front as they’re evergreen and several more in the back. When I start on the back garden hebes will be on top of my planting list.

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      • yes, the bumble bees down here adore them, and mix freely with the littler bees. I have many different types and love the foliage on some of my variegated forms.


      • I think the plan for the back garden is have quite a number of different hebes, a choisya for the wonderful scent plus some others that we’ve not decided on yet and then sort out the lawn and encourage the clover that grows in it. My back is already beginning to ache!

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      • it is hard work – but ultimately rewarding (at least I found it to be so). I don’t do much these days as it mostly takes care of itself now.


      • That’s one of the reasons I enjoy poking about in the garden. The front garden was lawn but I started clearing the grass and planting up at the end of last year. Now it’s nearly done and we’re all looking forward to contemplating the results. Actually, that’s just me and PIL, the kids couldn’t care less! Unfortunately, with all the effort taking place in the front, the back was left and weeds seem to thrive here so it’s a case of getting stuck into that soon. I don’t mind though as I find digging holes and planting very relaxing (except when I find half buried cat shit!).

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      • 🙂 – yeah, that would be a bit off putting.


  3. I remember the pictures of before you started the garden and wow, what a difference. Looking very good Mr D.


    • Thank you Ms.Moose.Doesn’t appear to be much at the moment but over the next few weeks there’s going to be a lot of growing going on plus more plants to go in over the couple of days. It will look spectacular. Or shit!

      I think another post about the garden is on the cards for later in June when a lot more will be in flower. Mind you, the back garden is terrible. The weeds are doing well out there!

      Have yourself a lovely evening


  4. How is your garden coming along this year? I especially love tulips and foxgloves as well. It really is one of the joys of gardening that you never exactly know what each year will bring.

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    • Currently, my garden is a tip! I haven’t been able to spend anytime out there. It’s only a small suburban garden but it doesn’t take long to look terrible. However, there is a reason for this and soon all will be revealed in another episode.

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