Great Minds……

So there I am puzzling about the next subject to write about and as it seemed to be a logical progression after writing about our new kitchen, I thought I’d post a recipe. Everyone has a signature recipe. Mine is Toad in the Hole. I make a mean Toad in the Hole apparently or did my kids call it “sick”?


So, using the new MacBook Air PIL and the kids got me for my birthday, I wrote the recipe and how to make Toad in the Hole. All I had to do was put the photos in and Bobs your uncle but due to time restrictions and being knackered I decided to wait until the following day to finish off. Just as well I did, cos the next day one of the brilliant bloggers I follow (and I don’t follow that many) did something they had never to my knowledge done before. They posted a recipe! Oh Bugger! Never mind, it can wait. I can post it sometime in the future. So I decided to write something on a subject that I found fascinating. About half way through and because it was late, I paused and decided to continue the following day. The following day duly arrived (unlike tomorrow, which never does) and my new bloody laptop wouldn’t let me in! Bastard. I then reenacted the washing machine scene from Uncle Buck with an awful lot of profanity, cursing and shouting but to no avail. The bastard thing just wasn’t going to let me in unless I gave it the correct password. Now my password is something that no one would ever guess in a million years unless you were PIL or my kids but it is incredibly easy for a berk like me to remember. Try as I might the bloody stubborn bastard Apple Are Shits product was having none of it. So I gave up. I decided to let the thing fester for a week or so. Weeks passed (it might have been days as I’m prone to exaggeration) and eventually I tried again. I tried a different password just in case. Nope. It was having none of it. So I gave up again. PIL said she’d take it back if I didn’t get it sorted. Then Greg said to me,

“Dad. Did you start your password with a capital letter?”

Doh! For the first time ever, I’d used a capital letter at the start of my password. I was in! But I couldn’t be arsed to finish it that night and decided to wait until the following day. The following day duly arrived and after my coffee and donut breakfast, I opened my emails to discover that the very same person who had beat me to the draw on writing a recipe had started her A-Z challenge and was writing about the exact same subject I was about to finish writing a post on. Cockney Rhyming Slang!




So to pass the time of day I started my Zuckerbook Facetube thing. Lily became my first friend. After about a week, I’ve decided to knock it on the head because it is such a pile of crap. I put down my likes and from that moment onwards I was inundated with every single possible thing to do with my likes. By the time I had looked at one, eight more had appeared. It’s awful. Trying to find comments was proving impossible amongst all the dross. I felt my personal space was being constantly invaded. I got paranoid. Some bastard somewhere had written an algorithm that was prying into my world and I didn’t like it one bit so that Facesucker bloke can go whistle.

Have a great day.

More Dick soon.


8 responses to “Great Minds……

  1. Hahaha! It wasn’t until I got to the part about cockney rhyming slang, that I realised you were writing about me!
    Never let another deter you from publishing a post. I would love to have read your unique approach on the same subjects, especially the cockney rhyming slang.

    As for Boat Race-Hook, I learned long ago to just treat it as a fan page. (not that I have any fans) Meaning be selective about who you add and DON’T ‘like’ and ‘favourte’ a whole bunch of pages so that they clutter up your timeline. Oh and your sausages look rather tasty.

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    • Oh I have every intention of publishing them. Just not right now. My slang post is different to yours cos it comes at it from a different angle. Er. I’m sure you know what I mean. I dont to preemptanything you write during the A-Z as I’m enjoying your take so much.
      Not my sausages I’m afraid. They’re the interwebs.
      I will get back onto Zuckface again but have taken your advise but I did find it incredibly intrusive.
      Must get the screen on this phone sorted out.
      Have a great afternoon and evening.

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      • Honestly cannot wait to read your slang post. As for SuckBook, I have adblocker on my broswer which gets rid of all ads and pop ups. And if you still hate it, you can just use it to private message people like I do.

        Have a good one Mr D. 🙂


      • Well, you’re going to have to wait until after the A-Z has finished but my recipe for Toad in the Hole will be appearing soon.

        FuckZace is something I’m going to do again but I’ll take your advise on board. Thank you for taking the time to explain to an old technophobe.

        I need some zeds now.

        take care

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  2. Sounds like you have had a terrible time of it, what the computer and the Facebook thing. I tried Facebook, back when I was trying to establish my “Author’s Platform”, such that it is. I decided to hook into some Paranormal groups and then suddenly my Facebook site became someone else’s that liked to post about 20 times a day on angels, and other stuff. She totally commandeered my site. So I gave it up.

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    • I have been told to avoid putting your ‘likes’ and other stuff on so that you don’t get inundated plus to be very selective about who you allow as ‘friends’. Kind of defeats the point of it but Lily Moose and my sister use Zitface as a kind of personal messaging service which I kind of get. No doubt at some stage i will return and redo it all.
      It’s such a shame that people get the idea that they can just help themselves to someone elses site.
      As for the computer that’s just me being an idiot. Technology is far too technical for me.

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