I Remember. Part 1

I remember the first time I saw her. I had just started a new job. She had been on holiday. She walked into my life with that lithe, fluid self-confident way I have always admired.


I remember thinking she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

I remember what she was wearing the first time I saw her. A white blouse, black heels and a short black skirt that showed off her long, tanned legs.

I remember hearing her speak for the first time .

I remember the first time I heard her laugh. Her voice and her laughter were magical.


I remember seeing her that first day and being utterly enthralled, completely smitten.

I remember every molecule of my being wanting her, wanting to know everything about her in every detail.

I remember that first day I saw her as being the day I fell in love.


I remember there were difficulties. I was a few years older. We were both in relationships. But I had seen the fire in her eyes and she had seen the fire in mine so nothing was insurmountable. We started going out and it was bliss.

lovers again

I remember the first time we kissed. Her lips were moist and soft. Our mouths were a perfect match. Our tongues were agile. Time stopped.


I remember the first time we made love. Where we were. Every detail. We went to Heaven and saw God and he said;

“Go back and keep doing that dude and dudette. Come up to Heaven whenever you want.”

So we did. We went and saw Him all the time. We made love everywhere and whenever we could. We made love in cars. In bed. On the kitchen table. On the sofa. On the stairs. In the shower. We even made love in the bedroom of a showhouse with the sales staff downstairs.


I remember the day we moved into our first home together.

I remember the day we got married and how we were both on top of the world.

I remember the walks we went on and the joy we had in each others company and how we missed each other when we were apart.


I remember how we worked hard at our respective jobs and how she encouraged me to start up on my own. How we became successful in our work and enjoyed the spoils of our good fortune and hard work.

I remember seeing our children being born and how seeing them being born was the best experience I have ever had. It may not have been quite so great for her at the time but she loves them to bits. She always has and she always will.

I remember always being mesmerised by her eyes. Sometimes they were grey, other times they were blue and on other days they were green. The fire was always there.


I remember working hard to maintain our life style. To be able to live in a nice house set in acres of land bounded by a stream. To be able to give our children a great education. To have nice cars and holidays.

I remember being intent on “chasing the money” to the exclusion of everything else.

I remember now in hindsight that I didn’t see the fire in her eyes start to flicker and fade.

More Dick soon.



Part 2 may follow soon.

26 responses to “I Remember. Part 1

  1. Part 2 bloody WILL follow soon, not MAY.

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    • I always figured you for a Dominatrix. Is there room for two dominants haha?

      Part 2 is the hard part. It’s the bit where I have to decide what to say and what not to say. The parts about me are easy enough but I’m also writing about someone else and what happened to them and I don’t want to reveal too many personal things about them. So we will see. I think it will happen soon. Then of course Part 3 comes along and who knows, maybe even a Part 4.

      Apart from that, the sun is out for a change to all the rain we just had. Our little village was briefly cut off yesterday when all the roads in and out got a bit flooded. Just come back from the school run and it all seems ok now.

      Have a great day

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      • Now if I had the courage to share my other blog with the masses, you’d realise that dominant doesn’t quite describe me.

        I get what you’re saying about not revealing too much about the other person and I commend you for it.
        Love how you wrote it. It made the whole thing so compelling to read that I was disappointed when it ended.

        Heard about the flood.Glad things are back to normal. You have a great day too Mr D.

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      • You have another blog? Good grief woman how could you ever conceal it from me? I guess from what you said it’s an intensely private one. Because I knew that at some stage I would write about some of the bad things that have happened in my life and the awful depression I still occasionally suffer from, I decided to keep my identity somewhat secret although obviously some good friends and family know who I am. It really wouldn’t do to reveal to the world at large that I am really say, George W. Bush. But he can’t string a sentence together or spell posible corectlly.

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      • Plus of course, with this seven degrees of separation thing we probably know each other, have dated and you thought I was a complete dipstick and want nothing whatsoever to do with me ever again! So I ain’t telling!


      • Oh it’s not private, just adult orientated. I’m not brave enough to write about depression and addictions and so on. If I wrote about my life, I’d have to offer free counselling afterwards. But I do admire and envy those who do.


      • Well there’s a surprise! Is it one of those tumblr things like ‘a london gent’ or ‘groovergirl’ then?
        Never mind. Too nosy for my own good.
        Umm. I must admit, I didn’t think I’d be brave enough and I still may not be. We shall shall see but like you, I admire those that can reveal their innermost feelings to the world. Time now to brave the chilly day and take the pooch for his walkies.

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      • LOL! ‘a london gent’ or ‘groovergirl? Has somebody been cruising the pages of tumblr?

        It’s a collection of erotic stories, most fiction, some real, a few taboo and all of them hardcore. After 5o Shades, I thought how hard could it be to write that crap? Bloody hard as it turns out!

        Hope you and the pooch had a good walk despite the chill. Gonna have a nice hot cup of chocolate and peruse some pages.

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      • I have an excuse!
        I really am not the sort of bloke who looks at porn.
        My eldest has started work in the City and obviously wants to look the part. So for Christmas PIL and I were going to get him all kinds of nice work clothes. A mate of mine said that I should Google a gents outfitters that I thought he said was called A London Gent. So I put that in the search and destroy engine. Top of the list was this tumblr site and in my innocence I thought, “Oh. How nice. They have photos of the stuff they sell.” Not quite what I was expecting but once there I had to have a butchers and groovergirl had made a contribution so I took a butchers there too. Then I got bored with it. Its amazing what you can accidentally come across on the interweb isn’t it.
        As for writing erotic stories, I should hope it turns out to be bloody hard! Not a lot of point otherwise. I am also certain that you write bloody good erotic fiction and non fiction hard or not. I think that you write some bloody excellent stuff. Which reminds me. I must take issue with Monkey Boy. He said he wasn’t going to be the ranty chimp anymore because he wanted to be taken seriously as a writer. Cheeky bugger! Mustn’t forget.
        Walkies was great but then it always is. I find peace and quiet and pooch finds a rabbit to chase.

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      • Oh my lord! I just checked out those sites! Was not expecting that!! I’m appalled!! *saves to bookmark*

        Hahaha! Why thank you, although my friend who is the king of pervs, said that I was going to burn in hell, after reading one of my stories and my best friend said that she was so traumatised, she had to watch the Disney channel for 3 hours straight afterwards. Both of which I take as a compliment.

        I see Frank’s logic as he wants to be taken seriously as a writer. Another friend made the same changes before he became a published authour. But I do miss his rants.

        Yeah, that’s what I miss about having a dog. Even the 6 am walk in winter, was a joy.


      • Yeah. They made me blink a bit! There I was expecting to see photos of a dapper chap or two and instead I got that! Like your friend I had to watch Space Jam again after seeing that. Michael Jordan acts like he plays baseball. He is crap! Nevertheless, I think it’s a great movie. It’s got Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Taz and Tweety Pie in starring roles so it just has to be good.
        If your incoherent ramblings are anything to go by I’m sure your other blog is equally as good. Simon Pegg may not be quite so interested in you writing a script along those lines though.
        I do think that Monkey Boy has the ability to write excellent fiction but I also think he should continue to have a rant and a rave every now and again. It is who he is and I intend telling him so shortly. If I remember!
        Taking the dog for walkies is the best thing ever. He gets so excited! I just enjoy the solitude and the peace.
        Have a great evening.

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      • The Ranting Monkey

        Wait, wait, wait. You have a dirty blog we don’t know about? I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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      • I love it! I have to know more mate.

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      • Er…blog…what blog? I think you may be confusing me with someone else… Frank*looks decidedly shifty*

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      • I think you should reveal all young lady.

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      • Now why on earth would I do such in a thing in public Mr D?

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      • I’m getting confused now. The comments are out of sync so I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! I wouldn’t dream of a public display of your wares Lily Moose. As I am now on Youbook and have my own dedicated email address thingy…… whatever way I put this it’s going to sound so wrong so I think I’ll shut up now.

        This FaceYou thing looks terribly complicated. It has buttons all over the place. I think I’ll take a look at it properly when I have my next day off on Tuesday and then I can fiddle away to my hearts content. Nothing quite beats a nice, long fiddle.

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      • I won’task for your facebook address then, in case your head explodes.
        Hahaha! I’m not even gonna reply to that last sentence.


      • I have a Facetube address? Sweet Jesus! What have I done? Well, I have no idea what it is. Could it be the same as my email address but without the gmail bit, dickdastardly1614? Now I’ll have to ask my son again.

        I’m going to work now so have a brilliant day

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      • LOL! Lord, your worse than me Mr D! It’s the info that comes up in your browser when you log onto your fb page. So https://www.facebook.com/Mixed-Up-Moose-513544022140992/ is mine, for example.

        Back to work so soon? Poor you. Have a great day Mr D, despite the gloom out there.


      • I have no idea what you’re on about! I am such a div! I’ll have a look at it soon and get back to you on it. Probably just ask my son. He’ll know. It does look awfully complicated especially to a simpleton like me.
        Yeah. Work. Deep joy. Maybe I’ll win the unwinnable lottery

        Have a great day

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  2. The Ranting Monkey

    I’ve been sick and stuck in Egypt so I am late to this party but I am loving this series. I read it in reverse order and I think it actually was more heart breaking to read it that way.

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  3. I read this series in reverse order to, it was like one of those movies that goes backwards chronologically. The Ranting Monkey is right, it is more heartbreaking in reverse.


    • I often go back on posts after a few days to see if I can improve the way I write. I avoided these until the other day and like you found it more distressing to read them in reverse order. I did think though that they were probably the best things I have written so far. Thank you

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  4. Gosh, wow, I’m reading part two already.


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