What did I say Lily?


hello pervert


why aren't we friends

See what I mean?

Sorry about this. Slightly the worse for drink and it follows on from an on line conversation I had with a special person.

Have a great day and normal service will be resumed shortly.

More Dick soon.


10 responses to “What did I say Lily?

  1. I am laughing so hard here!
    Put the drink down…now back away from the drink…no, don’t look at the drink for it is a tempestuous ho…walk away from the drink…

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    • There’s still half a bottle left……. I cannot leave it half empty. Waste not want not and all that stuff. It is a rather jolly White Zinfandel going by the name of ‘Hidden Road’. That may make me sound posh but I’m more Ray Winstone and Stella is on the list for tomorrow as I have three days off.

      Laughter is good but too much may cause damp patches on the furniture

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      • Haven’t you heard Mr D, that the bottle is always half full or half empty?

        You need to get yourself on Social media man, so that we can chat more.

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      • Now you’re being a smartie pants. In my house a full bottle ALWAYS becomes an empty bottle! We all dislike half measures.

        I did mean to sort out a Facetube thing along with Linkedin and Twatter and stuff over Christmas but I ran out of time. Who am I kidding? I was having a great time and couldn’t be arsed! Soon Lily. Soon.

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      • Heehee, being a smarie pants is all I know!
        I have twitter but don’t go on there. I have Google plus but don’t go on there. I’m about to come off Facebook and have a new one set up which currently has just 3 people, including me on it. I’m loving the solitude over there.

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      • I think I’ll just have to get myself on Faceoff Book cos it does seem to offer a decent route for a chat. I may be wrong. Maybe over the next few days if I can persuade the children to show me how. Children? Ha! They is all growed up now. Have a nice day and apologies for the delay. Work again.

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      • One day I’m gonna give you a whole list of social network medias, and have you come up with alternative names for them all.

        No need to apologise for the delay, I know how hectic your work schedules are.

        Hoping your day is a good one. 🙂

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      • Do I get them wrong then? O God don’t tell me I’ve been getting Shitface The Book and Youface and BookTube wrong all these years? I feel such a fool.
        Days off now so 3 days to sort out my email and Youbook account sorted.
        Having a great day. Took the pooch out in the pouring rain and we both got soaked. Dropped CJ off for training at school. Got tonights dinner. Sitting in Starbux drinking coffee. All I need now is a bad woman!
        Have a good day too.

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      • Hahaha! See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.
        Don’t you mean you need a good woman that’s bad?


      • You’re right. I do mean all I need is a bad good woman. You know what I mean.

        I did ask the kids to help me set a Facetube thingy but they just looked at me as if I was some kind of crazy old man and went back to doing whatever it was they were doing. Can’t bribe them with pocket money these days either. I will resolve this issue tomorrow for certain. Possibly.

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