There were three things I wanted to do in 2015.

To be able to drink proper blokes coffee every day and not be subjected to that big girls blouse drink known as “white chocolate mocha”.



Continue to scratch my balls as and when I wanted to.



Make love to the most beautiful woman on the planet.



Achieving two out of three in a year can’t be a bad can it?

Wishing you all a tremendous, happy, healthy and prosperous 2016 and that your dreams become reality.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read this kak!

Have a great day.

More Dick soon.



18 responses to “2015

  1. Still laughing at ‘more Dick soon.’ Well, I can live in hope. Hoping this year shines for you, Mr D.

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    • Thank you.

      I think you may be the only one who gets that thing about more Dick soon. Great minds think alike you pervert! Hahaha. I hope you and Spawn had a wicked Christmas and New Year and I really do hope that 2016 brings you both immense joy, health, loads of dosh and most importantly, happiness. Take care and have a root beer on me girl.

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      • I am NOT a pervert…oh wait…yes I am. I’m gonna lie and say both Christmas and new year were wonderful, but looking forward to what 2016 may bring…as long as it’s not pestilence and plague.

        Thanks Mr D, wishing you the same in abundance. And how on earth did you know I LOVE root beer?

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      • Of course you’re a pervert. Perverts always know another pervert when they bump into one. Check out my next post which follows in about several minutes! 2016 will be a great one for you I’m sure or I’ll want to know the reason why!

        Root beer? Of course you love root beer. I know these things plus I DO actually read your posts and the comments that follow and root beer pops up an awful lot. Amazing what you can find out about a person if you pay attention!


  2. The Ranting Monkey

    As I watch people proclaim their love of coffee and then describe all the crap they put in their coffee so that it doesn’t actually taste like coffee, I can’t help but laugh. I’ve long since stopped pointing out that what they really like is chocolate or sugar or pumpkin spice, which I’m still not quite sure is a real thing.

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  3. Pumpkin spice sucks!!!! Fancy coffee drinks suck. Give me a strong cup of coffee any day over all that other stuff. And what is it about pumpkin spice or for that matter salted caramel or that green tea cappuccino that looks like the contents of someone’s stomach. Glad you were able to achieve at least 66% of your goals.

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  4. Well drinking coffee can’t be one of them ‘cos it gives you migraines if I remember. X

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    • Ah. My migraines weren’t actually caused by coffee. They were caused by the stress of being in close proximity to Jabba the Hutt! My working day now begins with the biggest coffee they do in Starbucks and sometimes it’s combined with a medium sized one as well!

      So. What could it possibly be? You may be right. I am constantly surrounded by people drinking white chocolate mochas or some other strange non coffee product served up in coffee shops.

      I hope you are both well and not been either washed away or blown away


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