Well hello. I’ve been gone awhile but before I go into why and up date you on what’s been happening, a quick word for Claudia who, while thinking I’m a dick doesn’t believe I’m Dick Dastardly and not the author of this here blog. It was fun at Battersea wasn’t it girl and really nice to meet your twin sister?

That’s that sorted.


It has been manic at work over the last few months. We took on a new task and to say it’s cursed is probably an understatement. The internet signal on site is crap, the phone signal is crap, the equipment kept failing but worst of all, some of the staff were just absolutely bloody hopeless.IMG_1718

The work I do comes under a Home Office department and is regulated by them. One of the criteria is the ability to speak, read, write and understand English. Some native-born Brits that came along to work could probably manage one or two of those but all four? Jesus Christ, my bloody dog is more intelligent than some of the people who wanted to work for us. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that my dog’s POO was more intelligent than one or two of the amoeba brained Neanderthals that managed to find their way to site. Some couldn’t even manage that!



Fortunately, the Boss and I have managed to resolve the equipment, internet and phone problems and we’ve got good blokes working on site now that don’t need to be constantly supervised. I’ve just spent the last week staying up in London working in Battersea Park. We had a task up there last year for the same company and I hope it happens again next October. It’s a blast. Hard and tiring work involving long hours but I was working with a team I put together, they were all guys I had worked with before and they were superb ¬†professionals.

Battersea Park. Looking up towards Albert Gate

Battersea Park. Looking up towards Albert Gate

I like Battersea Park. The River Thames runs along one side, it has a children’s zoo, a pagoda, many beautiful trees and we were blessed with great weather.

Battersea Park looking towards Chelsea Bridge at about 0800

Battersea Park looking towards Chelsea Bridge at about 0800

I now have a few days off and have every intention of doing the absolute minimum possible although PIL may have a different view on that! A little light gardening may be about my lot. I will be writing separately about the progress taking place in our front garden.20150919_154811




Yep. Still got it. Nowadays though I keep it under control with regular trims to keep it neat and tidy. Clit, PILs beaver, stills makes regular visits and it’s a delight when she comes. It can get a bit messy though as she’s a bit of a wild animal when she gets excited!


Dexter is still a bonkers dog. We had to put a mail box on the wall by the front door because he kept eating the post (and occasionally the post mans finger tips). He adores going walkies out in the boonies and I love taking him. He burns off energy at a tremendous rate while I get some peace and quiet so that I can put my head back together.

It's hard work going walkies

It’s hard work going walkies


More news is breaking as I write on the family front so I’ll write about PIL, Ed, Greg and CJ once I’ve had all the up dates on that front.

Greg, Ed & CJ with Dexter

Greg, Ed & CJ with Dexter

Well peeps. I hope that this post has found you all fit and well. I will be writing again real soon with an update on the garden and possibly details on the progress in the House of Chaos.

Have a great day.

More Dick soon.auto


10 responses to “Updates.

  1. The beard update…that was way to much information for my delicate and fragile sensibilities…ahem…

    Love Battersea Park. Used to hang out there all the time as a teen, which obviously, was only a few years ago…*double ahem* Anyway, it’s good to hear from ya at long last.

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    • I’ve been about girl. A bit behind the times with my reading is all. Catching up with it now.

      I was born in Battersea and my mum and dad lived there for donkeys. Moved up to Putney when I was 6. Battersea Park is pretty awesome. Love the wide carriageways and the fact they’re still called carriageways!

      How was there too much info on my beard info? All factual.Keeping it neat and trim these days to avoid the Uncle Albert/Father Christmas look.

      I think we’ve both been missing for a few weeks and gotta say, it’s nice to be back. It’s nice to know that other bloggers are out there waiting on your next post although PIL wasn’t looking forward to your next post, she’d grown fond of unstained shirts! I even had Tessa at Nothing Was Said asking if I was ok as I hadn’t been around for a while. How nice is that?

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      • I do love that parts of Battersea, still harks back to an earlier era.

        As for the beard, I think it was the words beaver and come that had me traumatised.

        To be honest, I always notice when one of my favourite bloggers is absent from the blogosphere but I never think for one moment, that anyone would notice mine. So it’s nice when people write that they’ve missed my presence. But I whenever I post, I do look out to see if you’ve left a comment, so you’re always well missed.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You do yourself a great disservice young lady and pay me an enormous compliment. Everyone notices when you don’t write for a week or two but like most of us, you’re busy and can’t always write something. I know it’s a problem I have had over the past few months.

        As for leaving comments, it’s an aspect of this blogging malarky that I really do enjoy particularly on your blog. We’ve mentioned it before but some of the comments and wisecracks leave me in a coffee soaked mess. Often they are just out of the blue, like the comments on your last post about what “gonk” means to the sweaties. You naughty girl.

        The beard! Yes, I see what you mean now. I really must be more careful how I phrase things. A young lady of my acquaintance did comment that my beard was “Very On Trend” (Me? On Trend? Ha) and then added it was very “Shoreditch”. Should I take that as a compliment bearing in mind I was wearing PILs purple framed reading glasses at the time?

        Liked by 1 person

      • You do say the sweetest things Mr D.
        When the lovely Kimberley left that gonk comment, it made me snort with laughter. She’s the naughty one.
        And yes, beards are a big trend right now. I’m thinking of braiding mine Viking style. The Shoreditch comment however, even I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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      • I know what you mean. I wasn’t sure whether to be a bit chuffed or a bit ticked off. Shoreditch indeed! Wearing PILs reading glasses at the time didn’t help matters as I look a bit like Dame Edna in them but I’m old enough to get away with it.

        I think you’d look bloody marvellous with a Viking beard. I thought about doing something similar but all that raping and pillaging didn’t really appeal. Nor did long sea voyages in tiddly boats and the recently discovered fact that Viking wives went along to keep an eye on their men. Christ! Who needs that? Surely that was the whole point of sailing off to rape and pillage.

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      • Those Viking boats are murder on my arse cheeks. There’s only a certain amount of hours that I can sit on wood…

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      • And you say Kimberley’s the naughty one! You naughty, naughty girl. You need a jolly good spanking! Oh do leave it out Dick! I’m getting far too forward for my own good.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooh, it’s like being in a Carry On film.
        I meant that the wood splinters from the Viking boat, are a bit bothersome.
        Actually, I just finished writing about spanking…but I probably should keep that bit of information to myself.

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      • Of course that’s what you meant. How could I have misunderstood?

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