Beard Update

Not had an up date on my beard for ages. I still have it. The beard that is!185009

Clit Eatswood, the beaver, comes and wiggles around in it quite often and certainly seems to enjoy the experience. It’s pleasant for me too.beard2

I must admit though I’m beginning to get a bit bored with it and thinking about having a Hollywood face in the near future. I’ll have to wait for the tan to fade though as a two-tone face is NOT a good look but then again having a beard and looking like Uncle Albert isn’t too great either. I will let you know if and when it gets shaved off.uncle albert

Have a smashing day.

More Dick soon.


23 responses to “Beard Update

  1. Heehee, you should make this a regular feature, like ‘Beard Friday’ or Beard Monthly’. For example…


    Beard…still there


    Yep, still there.


    It’s gone! The beard has…nope, still there.

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    • Sounds like a plan to me girlie. I keep meaning to do a regular update on the state of my beard. (Just had lunch so it’s full of crumbs and various sauces and relishes. I will save them for an afternoon snack). But I never remember to do it. I will make a note in my diary to regularly post an up date on my beard. Or lack of.


      • 1. Eww…
        2. Eww…
        3. I think that it would be quite a funny feature to your blog. ‘Beard Watch.’
        4. Eww.

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      • What? What is so disgusting?


      • You eating your beard leftovers.

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      • They are very yummy. I will save you some. Sometimes my face looks like that painter bloke Pollock has used it as a canvas. Bear Ghrylls should grow a beard then he wouldnt spend all his time looking for various worms and grubs to eat.

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      • I know sharing is caring, but in this case, you can keep your sharing to yourself. If I wasn’t vomiting so much, I’d be chuckling wholeheartedly.

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      • I do like to put it about y’know and its a shame you dont want to tuck into my beard snax. Are you ill then? I’m sorry to hear that. Do you find that when you have your head in the depths of the toilet you think “Ooo. Limescale. I must sort that out”. Or are you just too busy throwing up and feeling like shit?

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      • LOL! Mr D, you do make me laugh! Stop it! You like to put it about? You beard snack ho! No woman would ever put her head that far down a toilet. We barely like touch the it, that’s why we have an epileptic fit when men don’t put the seat down.
        Just going through a flare up of the ole ME, but starting to feel much better thanks.

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      • I’m glad that I sometimes make you laugh. Anyone cracking as much as a smile at my blog makes it worthwhile. You have them rolling in the aisles so you must be like a pig in poo.

        What is it with women and lids down? How long does it take to put it down for Morgans sake? Do us chaps complain about the lid down? No. We know that it is but a moments work to lift it.

        You do go through the wars girlie. ME? I’m glad you are starting to feel better. If possible, have a great day and if you have a chance, check out that limescale.

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      • do you have a small nest in there as well? I always wonder what hidden treasures are found in beards, like the hidden city of Atlantis. Are you sure that you are not also smuggling people in there as well?

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      • Found a spider in there the other day. I moved him on. No people as far as I’m aware. If there is anyone in there they don’t make a lot of noise.

        Off on your cruise soon?


      • Crusing this Sunday. Can’t wait to met Gopher and Capt Stubbing

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      • Along with Master Bates and Seaman Staines. I hope you have a lovely time. Takes loads of photos that perhaps,maybe you could share with us.


      • I will try and take pics of the freaks!


      • Ah Mr D, you’re a man after my own heart, when it comes to a sense of humour.

        The deal with toilet seats, is that we know what’s been on them. I practically wear a Hazmat suit when it comes to having to clean that thing. And you’re right, it only takes a second to lift the lid, yet the males species can’t work out how to lower the bloody thing.

        On the topic of ME, my friends who are both sick and twisted, say that I only have it so that I can get attention…bastards.
        Thanks Mr D and you have great day too.


      • Well thank you for that. I certainly spend a lot of time guffawing when I read your posts.

        It’s the females of the species that haven’t figured out the toilet seat needs to be UP!

        ME. Says it all really! I hope you have recovered from your latest bout.


      • Are you agreeing with my clinically deranged friends on the issue of ME? Why I take umbrage sir. I’m not that self-absorbed. Now enough about you, let’s get back to the subject of me…

        If men knew how to point and direct properly, instead of handling themselves like an out of control fire hose, then the seat wouldn’t need to go up.

        Feeling much better Mr D. 🙂

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      • How is that your friends are deranged? Are they not in an institution? If so, how do you have them as friends unless…….you’re a nutter!!! You do make me laugh.

        Fire hoses? I should be so lucky.

        I’m glad you are feeling better.

        You and Spawn have a smashing weekend.

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      • LOL! I see what you did there Mr D. I see.

        I’m gonna eat my body weight in chocolate and have a horror-fest with the spawn, so should be a good weekend. Hope you have a wonderful one too.

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      • What a bloody good idea. I think I might just do the same only without the horror. Cannot be spending the next two weeks looking under the bed and checking the wardrobes before I go to bed. Enjoy yourselves.

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  2. Don’t you find your beard scratchy? Perhaps you could grow it super long and then wear sunglasses and you would look the guys off of Z Z Top. That would be cool!!!

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    • It’s not scratchy at all and while we are not having a great summer in the UK, I found a beard to be surprisingly cool. Unfortunately, I’ll look more like Father Christmas trying to be hip than a Rock n Roll star!

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