So. Do You Feel Lucky Slug?

Before we all went on holiday, I had restarted making my experimental slug deterrent. Unfortunately, as I hadn’t said anything to PIL about it, she found what she believed to be a bucket of gooey rain water in the garden and poured it away. Back to the beginning again.hostas-being-terrorized-by-slugs

What with work, stuff to do around the house and a thousand other tasks that I hadn’t done to sort out before we went away, I didn’t get round to carrying out the experiment. We’re back now, the catch up at work and home has been caught so now it is time for my experiment. Or so I thought. My intention was to grow some plain green hostas as a kind of sacrificial goat. Slugs absolutely love eating hostas so it was an ideal plant to see if my slug deterrent worked. We have a number of hostas dotted around the garden that we grow in pots to avoid serious slug damage. They are one of PILs favourite plants.20150612_100411


The three that I had grown on had come along nicely and looked like they would make an excellent meal for a slug or several. I planned to plant one in the garden uncoated with deterrent, another lightly sprayed and the final one soaked in deterrent. I would plant them about 18 inches apart.

I came home the other night ready to start my testing the following day to find my sacrificial hostas in one pot outside the front door.20150808_162320

“Er excuse me. Why are those hostas outside the front door?” I asked PIL.

“Don’t they look lovely there? Thanks ever so much for growing them for me.”

“But, but, but…….” I stammered.

“When did you develop a stutter. Good God man, you really are going to the dogs.”

“I was going to use them for my slug deterrent test.” I managed to say knowing that I was on a loosing wicket here.

“Well you can forget that sunshine. Find something else. I like them and they are staying put.”

Oh bollocks! Looks like SDG and I will have to wait a while longer before we make our fortunes. Sorry about that.

Have a smashing day.

More Dick soon.


4 responses to “So. Do You Feel Lucky Slug?

  1. Oh no – again? Are you kidding me? Does she not realize this is super important science stuff that could make us millions?
    How funny, I was just thinking about your slug concoction today, when I had noticed that the cannas I planted right next to the lantana do not have one tiny nibble out of them, while the cannas not near a lantana are being devoured. So could I extract the oil from the lantana and make it into an emulsion to be sprayed? Hmm – might have to set up some type of distillery – like a moonshine thing in my back yard for lantana deterrent.
    Also wanted you to know (since we are on the subject of how to make millions) I have discovered a weed, that looks just like a lawn when planted en masse, but……BUT…it is drought resistant, dog pee resistant, and looks better than the fescues, bermudas and everything else that grows around here. I planted some in this huge bare spot where my Great Dane loves to relieve himself (Number 1, not Number 2 – if you catch my drift). It was like a nuclear waste site. We tried and tried to get normal grass seed to grow there without any success. So I mowed some of the lawn, and sprinkled the seed pods from my mystery weed, and voila, I have a lush beautiful carpet of weeds that looks like lawn. It’s brilliant. I just have to identify this weed. And Mikey continues to use that area as his toilet, but the weed/grass stuff just keeps growing, no brown spots or anything!!!!!!!

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    • I know, I know. The pursuit of scientific knowledge is often beset with problems like this. Hostas, even plain old green ones, are PILs favourite plant and there is no way whatsoever that any in our garden will be used as a sacrifice in my “crackpot” schemes. They really are one of the best plants to test a slug deterrent. I will just have to find something else. Cabbage?

      You must a) distill lantana oil and b) find out what this weed is. You could make a fortune. We have a similar problem here with Dexter but my lawn is less than pristine as I actively encourage some weeds to grow as they attract wildlife into the garden, mostly insects and small birds and when the weeds flower it can be very pleasing to the eye. Well, my eye anyway.

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      • Someone once told me a weed is just an unappreciated plant! Do you have any zinnias – the Californian slugs seem to adore those?

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      • Yep. A weed is any unwanted plant or one in the wrong place. Even a rose can be a weed. Personally, I don’t like roses but I do understand why they are widely admired.

        I will have to look up zinnias as I have no idea what they are. I have the Royal Horticultural Society’s Encyclopaedia of Plants which is a fantastic book. I’ll take a butchers in there as I’m sure they’ll have included zinnias. I think I’ll look up lantana as well. Thanks for the info. Have a great day and I will keep you posted.


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