A few days ago I wrote a post about my sons graduation. Most of the post was of photos we had taken during the day as I felt they expressed how proud PIL and I are better than I could put into words. In one of the photos, the blonde girl standing behind Ed is obviously vexed about something.Ellgrad14

Many of you (ok, one of you) asked if I knew what it was about. I didn’t although I too was curious. So I carried out a thorough investigation. This is what I discovered:Ellgrad16

“I’ll just stand here so I can be seen.”


“Did you just grab my bottom?”

“Er. No. Never touched you.”

“Oh so it was the Ghost of Christmas Past was it? Someone did and you’re closest.”

“Perhaps it was Mr Tickle .”


“Listen pal. You touch me again and I’ll rip your arms off. I don’t want this official photo spoiled by a dork like you.”

“But it wasn’t me. Although I must say you do have a jolly nice bottom.”

“Watch it pal.”


“That’s no reason to grab it! Try it again and you WILL suffer the consequences. I am a black belt in Origami and I’ll fold you up like a flamingo.”

“Gosh! How splendid! I assure you however that I did not grab your bottom.” Then adding in a whisper;

” I merely caressed its lovely smooth curves.”


“Don’t even think about it sunshine.”

“Perfectly ok . Fancy a shag later?”




However, this only what I think happened and was said. It may have been something completely different. We will never know.

Have a great day.

More Dick soon.



9 responses to “Investigation

  1. Dammit Mr D, I just choked on the plumes of smoke that I had been inhaling from my vapourlite! (Mmm, cherry flavoured nicotine) I’m almost praying that this is how the conversation really went.

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    • I like to think that I got it spot on but I doubt it very much. Unfortunately, Ed wasn’t listening in and claims to have been totally unaware until he saw the photo. Still, it’s nice to imagine that’s how it went.


      • The guy looks fearful in the first picture, like he’d been caught out. Your words along with the pics, made me laugh so loudly, I think I set off a few car alarms! Hilarious.


      • Thank you. I do try. In fact PIL tells me I’m very trying! I thought it was the Moose down the road I could hear. Obviously not. Have a great day.

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  2. This is a gem! So many laughs – I’m going to have to show this post to some friends – they’ll die of laughter too!

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  3. You are one funny guy!!!!! The fellow seems rather amused by her wrath. You must find out what this was about. Are they related? Boyfriend, girlfriend? Dig deeper, get to the bottom (no pun intended – ok maybe a bit) of this mystery!!!!

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    • I would love to find out what was going on but my son doesn’t know either of them. While they were in the Business School as well, they were on different courses. All Ed knows is that the girl is from Eastern Europe. What was going on there will forever remain one of life’s little mysteries.

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