Tomorrow morning at shit o’clock, the whole tribe is leaving for Gatport Airwick to get on a plane to take us to Florida. Yaaaaaaaaay!

We will stay there for two weeks when we will have to return home. Boo! Then two days later it’s back to work BOOOOO!

In the meantime however, we are going to have a great time. PIL and I will spend many, many hours on the Cup and Saucer roundabout at Magic Kingdom while the kids go bonkers elsewhere.cup and saucer

We will go to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon and spend the day pretending to be whales. Well, I will anyway as everyone else is trim and fit. One of the those places has the most God awful water slides. You have to have oxygen to get to the top and then slide down the bloody thing. It has a speed trap on it so you see how fast you went – 50-60 mph!!! You then spend the next twenty minutes extracting your trunks from your bum as it gives you the worlds biggest wedgie. You then join the queue of other hapless humans to go to the toilet as it also gives you the worlds biggest enema! Accordingly, I will go on this several times each hour. The kids will too.BlizzardBeachSlide

Cape Canaveral is on our list as is Daytona.

Perhaps they will let us have a go!

Perhaps they will let us have a go!

No rocket launches scheduled nor any races but got to worth a visit. PIL and CJ will drag us off shopping. We will eat like we’ve never eaten before. Great. I may even take this old steam-powered Apple and post a post or two while we’re there.

In the meantime plans are afoot for our return. The front garden is sitting ready to be dug over, top soil added and planted up.

Ready for topsoil and planting

Ready for topsoil and planting

I’m going for a cottage garden effect with loads of scent. The backdrop will be a couple of Honeysuckles and the bed itself will have loads of perennials plus bulbs of assorted kinds including a load of tulips that CJ got for me from Amsterdam when she was on a school hockey tour to Holland.

This is the kind of effect I'm after

This is the kind of effect I’m after

No roses though. I am not a great fan of roses. Bloody hard work. Aphids, black spot, thorns that cut you to ribbons, gross feeders and a pain in the arse.

Or this

Or this

Unfortunately, my experiment with a slug deterrent will have to wait until we get back as I’ve run out of time. Sorry SDG but I will let you know how it goes so we can make our fortunes.

Dexter is staying in kennels while we’re away. I don’t think he will enjoy that but he will be fine I’m sure although I suspect we will miss him almost as much as he will miss us. I took him walkies earlier today and I have to say once again how glorious it all was. I loved it and Dexter had a good old time to when he chased a couple of pheasants hiding in the undergrowth.

Part of the bridle path where we take Dexter walkies. Absolutely magnificent

Part of the bridle path where we take Dexter walkies. Absolutely magnificent

Apparently I have to pack. How long does three tee shirts, two pairs of shorts, trunks, wash kit and sun tan lotion take to pack? (There’s a washing machine where we’re staying so don’t need any more. I can always buy more out there if needs be)

Have a bloody excellent weekend.

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11 responses to “Holiday

  1. I like the garden on the 6th picture down. Sitting in place like that, would be my idea of heaven.
    Hope you and the family have a fantastic holiday Mr D. Remember to take plenty of pics.

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  2. Why is everyone on holiday while I am stuck here working? *pouts and sulks in the corner*

    Have an amazing holiday in Florida – make sure that you make it to one BBQ Ribs place!

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  3. Ooo, I hope you are having fun on your holiday. Sounds great. Just don’t get stuck in line at “It’s a Small World” – they play that song over and over and it will make you go batty. Love the garden ideas. I especially like the top picture. I love that you have a completely clean slate to work with. I’m sure it will be beautiful. Soil looks great. I was actually thinking about you when I was battling the Lantana (no slugs – yippee). Is your slug elixir still fermenting? I have an idea for cultivating a new lawn – our front lawn has been taken over by this weed that looks like grass but it’s not. Despite our stringent watering schedule it remains brilliantly green. If I could just cultivate this stuff…..I’d share it with you. Between that and the slug elixir – we’d be rich, rich, rich!!!!!!!!


    • Hahahahaha. Got to make our fortune somehow! The slug stuff is still fermenting in a bucket in the back garden. It’s covered so hopefully it won’t evaporate. Once we’re home again (although I think we all want to stay forever), I’ll test it and let you know the result.What is this stuff you have as a lawn?


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