For Lily Moose. Life and Death

Lily is someone I have recently met via blogging. She may blush at this but she writes the bestest best blog ever. So go check it out at

Lily doesn’t like spiders so I have deleted the pictures of the offending beasts from this post. The replacement photos have absolutely no relevance to this post but I think they’re funny.

In my last post I had a bit of a rant about certain slimy creatures and PIL was a bit put out by the effing and blinding that took place. This post however, I’m sure will be a lot more sedate. Talking of swearing and cursing reminds me of my mate Bunsen. For many years Bunsen was a “chock head” in the British Army.

My mate Bunsen. He looks EXACTLY like this

My mate Bunsen. He looks EXACTLY like this

A chock head is what the rest of the army call the Royal Engineers for a very good reason I’m sure. Anyway, Bunsen finished his career in the army as a senior NCO. He is the only man in the history of the British Army to be reprimanded for the “continuous and persistent use of foul and abusive language towards the sappers under his command.” He is also the only man I know to have mislaid a bridge. I would love to have a been a fly on the wall for that conversation!

This is not the subject I intended writing about.

My working week is a bit odd. I start on a Sunday usually and work until Wednesday some weeks and Thursday on others. Sometimes I’m working away from home for days on end. When I’m home though I think most of the lovely people who read my meanderings know that I like to take Dexter out for a nice long stroll in the boonies and have good look around and a poke about in the undergrowth. You have to be careful what you poke though. I once accidentally poked a wasp’s nest.swarmingwasps_0508_445x260

Big mistake! I ran off screaming like a girl but I didn’t get stung which I think is testament to the speed at which I departed the area. Warp factor 10 and a bit!runningbees

Yesterday, we were just strolling along the edge of a field. It was a gloriously sunny day and it was as peaceful as you could wish for. The crops were starting to sprout, some were already in flower, bluebells were springing up all over the wooded areas and hedgerows. The wild garlic was flowering and stopping vampires from pestering me. It was a truly beautiful day. Then rising out of the trees in a display of the most graceful flying I have ever seen were two large birds of prey. The way they swooped and circled each other made me think they were showing off to one another which in turn, made me think that perhaps they were a mating pair and that they had been on the nest so to speak when Dexter and I came along. They moved higher and further along as we walked along and it made me think and hope that maybe in a little while there will be three or four of them swooping about overhead. I certainly hope so. I’m no ornithologist but I think they were buzzards.

I wish I had taken this but I found it on the intertube

I wish I had taken this but I found it on the intertube

A twitcher would know what they were immediately although what Tourettes has to do with bird watching is beyond me. I really do hope that they do breed and there will be a few more beautiful birds gracing the air. As a matter of principle Dexter and I will avoid that area for a week or two so as not to disturb them.

A bit further along and a little while later, a movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention. Lots of sp****s are now out and about spinning their webs, catching their prey and scoffing it. What I had seen was a fly caught in a web by one of its legs and struggling to escape. The owner of the web had shot out of its lair and was struggling to subdue the fly.157577b8984b3815cc9e21ffc520bf2b

Now despite all the space, right next to this web was another one and in its struggle to subdue the fly, sp**** 1 must of touched the other web because a slightly larger version of sp****1 came rushing out, bit sp**** 1 and killed it! Nice way to treat a member of your own species I thought. Sp****s aren’t that much different to humans after all. While sp**** 2 was dragging the body of sp**** 1 back to its hidey hole it, in turn, must have touched another web because a big, black bastard suddenly appeared on the scene, bit sp*** 2 which dropped the carcass of spi*** 1 and the big bugger dragged sp**** 2 back to its dining room for lunch!aea51d5284a492b86cdfdf3dcc642f3a

Wow! You don’t get to see that every day. I know I keep banging on endlessly about this but today I saw what I hope will lead to new life. I also saw death and nature at its most savage albeit on a small scale and the reason I saw these things, as well as all the other wonderful stuff is because I was looking around admiring the beautiful things our world has to offer us and taking notice of it. To my mind, walking around paying attention is probably the best way to unwind, relax and to realise just how lucky we are. I know I am fortunate to live in the countryside where it’s easy to do this but even in urban areas it’s easily done if you make a little effort.

This scene is very close to where I have the great fortune to live

This scene is very close to where I have the great fortune to live

The fly? It escaped.

I asked PIL to check through this post for me to pick up on any errors. She was extremely pleased there has been no swearing today. Phew. I might get lucky later.



Have a fucking great day!

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15 responses to “For Lily Moose. Life and Death

  1. Nice countryside. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I agree with you, we all need to slow down and appreciate the things around. There is so much more going on than what’s on the smartphone screen.

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    • Pardon the pun but I do get a bee in my bonnet about it. I admit to taking my phone with me but that’s just to use the camera if needed and also in case Dexter a.k.a.’Bastard’ knocks me over and damages me in some way. On a slightly different matter, I’ve been trying to find your “Follow” button and I can’t find it. I am more than a little dim when it comes to doing stuff on the interweb and I will look again now but if you could point me in the right direction?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Forget my last bit. A couple of my brain cells actually managed to connect and found what I was looking for! Sorry if I appear to be a blithering idiot. I appear that way because I am! Have a lovely day


      • I suspect I am probably dimmer about these things than you, let me go look. Doesn’t it just automatically come up? Hmmm. So much to learn about this blogging stuff. 2 seconds, I will go check. Oooo, I found it. I had no idea you actually had to add it. I found some other cool widgets, makes me think of fidget, anyway found other widget things, must go see what they are all about. Thanks for letting me know!!!!!

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      • I found a thingy in the “Like” section. If you click on ‘like’ a prompt comes up asking if you want to follow so cos I do, I did and lo and behold or Bobs your uncle the next thing I know, I get an email confirming my subscription! Clever people do all this stuff I’m sure but I bet none of them take their noses out of their phones or laptops and take a look around! I keep meaning to take a proper look at all the stuff thats on offer but never quite find the time to do it.

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      • I just got through looking at all those widget things and there is all kinds of stuff. Messed around with it, and now I think I might have fiddled with it too much because my sidebar looks a little whacky. Must go work on it a bit more. You are right though, I don’t do this stuff much, I’m more into watching the birds and goofing around in the garden, talking to my dog, admiring the enormous weed in my raised bed which I can’t decide whether or not I should remove it , because it is quite impressive and to get that big must have taken a great deal of energy and I sure don’t want to say, Oh I don’t like you weed, even though you have grown to this ridiculous height, you don’t fit in my gardening paradigm and I am just going to flippantly tug you from the ground. Actually, I think I will keep it. What is it they say – a weed is just an unappreciated plant. I think I will just sit and appreciate it while I play with the widgets.

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      • Some weeds have that effect. Part of their survival instinct I guess. Have fun playing with your widgets

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      • Just an update…..I have now become a widget freak, I love these widgets. I want more widgets!!!!!

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      • Hahaha. Poor you! I did intend looking at what was about later this week but not so sure now! By the way, just to up date you, I have a load of stinging nettles in a bucket of water and two unfortunate hostas to try out that sl** deterrent thing we spoke about a few days ago. I’ll let you know how it goes. Not seen any zombies about though so can’t try that out yet.

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      • How funny. I can’t wait to see how that works. Maybe I should go soak some Lantana!


      • I will keep you informed. It may even become a subject for a post. If it works we’ll sell the idea and formula to someone for heaps of money so we don’t have to work again. We can both spend our days pottering around in our gardens and walking the dogs.

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      • Yay!!! Sounds fabulous. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


  2. The Ranting Monkey

    Lily is the only blogger that always makes me laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You and me both bud. To paraphrase Mrs Gump, her blog is like a box of chocolates……. and I have to say that generally your posts make me laugh too and when you’re having a bit of a rant I find myself nodding my head. I’m not sure how I came across the two of you, probably one led to the other but I’m glad I did.

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  3. Dick Dastardly, I love you SO BLOODY MUCH at the moment! Not just for the compliment, but for altering the pics. In fact, you made me cry a little, so Dick Dastardly, I HATE YOU SO BLOODY MUCH at the moment! I am truly moved by your gesture. Thank you! 😀
    And although I hate the sodding things, the story about the s**ders, did make me laugh out loud. Obviously, it was not the fly’s time to die that day.

    Liked by 1 person

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