Life and Death (continued)

In my last post I mentioned how peaceful it had been when Dexter and I went for a walk yesterday. Having said that, something was preying at the back of my mind. Usually it’s something vulgar.2901_sharon_stone

But not yesterday and I couldn’t put my finger on what I was missing. Dexter and I have just returned from todays stroll in the country and while we were out the penny dropped. While there is a certain amount of livestock farming where we live, sheep, cows and possibly pigs, most of the farming is arable. Today, we walked a broadly similar route to yesterdays but giving a wide berth to where we saw the buzzards. I am very conscious of the fact that the fields and crops we walk through are someones livelihood and  keep to the tracks made through the crops by the farmers tractors. The fields we walked through today are growing oil seed rape which I think is called “canola” in North America. At the moment most of it is in flower. What was missing yesterday and also today was the sound of bees buzzing about pollinating.

Hardly a bee to be seen or heard

Hardly a bee to be seen or heard

I think I heard maybe 20 or so and saw no more than a dozen. Normally, I would expect to see dozens and dozens of ’em flying from flower to flower but not now. I know the bee in Britain is under threat from a mite that can devastate whole colonies in a year. It seems to be even worse this year. A lot of the trees and plants in the hedgerows are in flower now as well and they should be covered in bees but they’re not.

All these flowers and not a bee anywhere

All these flowers and not a bee anywhere

I like bees.bee:wasp

It’s why PIL and I try to have as many bee friendly flowers in our garden as possible and why we have clover growing in our lawn. I am now going to spend a little time looking into what is going on here because if crops aren’t pollinated by bees then the crop fails. No apples, pears, oranges or cherry. No fruit of any kind. It’s the same story with all crops.

I apologise if I’ve ruined your day. If not, then have a great one.

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8 responses to “Life and Death (continued)

  1. That’s kind of scary. And now that you mention it, I don’t remember hearing bees buzzing when the Bradford Pears were out in bloom earlier – and normally the buzzing on the blooms is quite deafening. I will have to pay more attention.


    • Strange isn’t it how you don’t notice things until they’re not there any more.

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      • That’s really true – until you have one of your wise, much more in-tune blogging friend point it out to you, then you are like – Oh my gosh – how did I not notice that?


      • I wouldn’t say I was any wiser or more in tune but thank you for saying so! I had read about how bees were under threat from some kind of mite and also from the wholesale use of pesticides but until now I hadn’t realised just what an effect it’s having. Perhaps this year the bees are bit late getting out and tomorrow or next week they’ll be out in force. I hope so.

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      • Me too. I will keep an eye and an ear out for them!!!


  2. A few years ago, there was a story-line in Doctor Who about all the bees disappearing due to alien activity. Lo and behold, it turns out to be true…the bees disappearing, not the alien activity. I don’t think that people realise the importance of bees and see them as nothing more than pests. No bees=no pollination=devastating crops results.


    • There’s a lot to said for old episodes of Doctor Who. I like bees. They kind of bumble about doing that pollination thing they do. I was out again today and although it isn’t as sunny and warm as yesterday (this is England after all – three days of sunshine? Don’t be daft) there were still hardly any about. I think I may write about this again once I’ve had a bit of scratch around on the interweb.


      • So far this year, I’ve seen two bees, both dead. Normally around here, I’d be cursing and flapping my arms about like a windmill trying to get them to stop stalking me. Spawn and I found the Doctor Who episode funny, but then when the bees really did start disappearing it became a bit worrisome as we both knew what that would entail down the line.


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