Beard Update


Beards and bubble gum do not go well together! It is not a good look!





Have a great day.

More Dick soon


My thanks to the intertube thingy and shutterstock.

6 responses to “Beard Update

  1. Tokoni O. Uti

    Haha! Loved that pic. Where’d you find it?


  2. The Ranting Monkey

    Few foods go well with a beard. Far too often I don’t even notice until my wife asks, “what’s in your beard now.”

    Yes, we’re to the “now” phase of finding food in my beard.


    • Hahaha. I find it very useful if I’m feeling a bit peckish during the day. Salmonella and E.Coli could be a problem now that summer is on it’s way! Loving your A-Z challenge. I get to read each one at the start of the day and they set me up nicely. Have a great day Grandpa!

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