Daily Archives: February 2, 2015

Life begins…..

My dad used to crack me up. When he moved to a little seaside village on the Sussex coast he loved it. The only complaint he had was that the village was “full of old people”. He was 79 at the time!

Now here’s the thing. When I got to the age of 30 older people told me, “not long now. Life begins at 40.” When I got to 40 the same older people said, “not long now. Life begins at 50”. When I got to 50 those same older people told me, “not long now. Life begins at 60.” If I should get to 60 will those same people tell me life begins at 70? At this rate I’ll be dead before my life begins!


I’m 98 years old. I’m a multi millionaire. I’m married to a 26 year old nymphomaniac whose only demand is that the swimming pool is filled with chocolate sauce. I live in a beautiful house. I have my own island, a private jet and helicopter. I feel my life is just beginning. Now if I could just remember who I am and where I live……………

Have a smashing day

More Dick soon.