I’m new to blogging and I’m amazed to find that other people are following my blog. I thank you all for taking the time to read my stuff. I appreciate it. I follow a number of other blogs such as rachelbeingchatty which now features 15% more sarcasm. It’s certainly sarcastic, very funny, the chatty rachel is prolific, it’s taught me that brevity is good and it just generally cracks me up. I also follow blogbloggerbloggest for entirely different reasons but it too has it’s humerous moments but tends to be more educational. For instance, did you know wasps teleport? Steve Morris, the author of this blog is also a very positive kind of guy. Despite all the mayhem and chaos in the world he was still able to list a whole bunch of reasons to be cheerful and I like that in a person. Then there’s Storytime with John, Nothing Was Said and 2HelpfulGuys plus others that I follow and enjoy. Now here’s the thing. Storytime with John has over 11,000 followers! John tries to follow all those who follow him. Great idea but it must take forever to do that. My question is if someone writing a blog reads yours and decides to follow you, do you therefore have to follow theirs? Am I obligated to return the favour? I don’t know. I don’t have a problem with following other blogs if thats what the done thing is but I’ve got to say that one or two of the blogs that have decided to follow me hold absolutely no interest for me whatsoever. That is not to say they are badly written or have no value. It’s just the subject matter that holds no interest for me. Much as I want to broaden my horizons there is only so much horizon I can take in.

So all you hugely experienced bloggers out there, please let me know what the protocol is. There are enough people out there ticked off with me already. I don’t want any more.

More of the old Dick soon.


11 responses to “Protocols

  1. Nice post – well written!! i must have a read of a few of these!!


  2. Just realised how much American ‘grammar’ has invaded ours. You can’t be ‘obligated’ to someone, my lovely younger bruv, but you can be ‘obliged’. Having said that, really look forward to reading your mental meanderings. Keep up the good work. X


  3. I wondered about this when I started blogging a few months ago as well. But then I decided that I’d just go with what I was interested in, and I only follow back blogs which I have a chance of reading and appreciating. It’s personal preference really, I know lots who follow everyone, and lots who don’t.


    • Thank you for that. As a new member to the blogging community I want to try and be a good neighbour.In my mind I probably planned to do as you do and only follow blogs I’m interested in and have a chance to read properly. talking of which, have you found the spiders in your bed yet and please don’t forget to let us all know how your application to work for the Peace Corps goes.


      • Yeah, my thinking was it was unfair to follow blogs I’d no intention of reading anyway. Also I wanted yo day thanks for the mention in your post, it was a pleasant surprise while reading!
        No spiders have been found anywhere nearby which somehow makes the whole thing more frightening instead of less! I’ll be sure to keep updating on Peace Corps as well 🙂


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