Was it something I said?

The other day I had to leave really early in the morning for an early work start. So being a considerate type of chap I said I would sleep on the sofa to avoid disturbing everyone else. PIL didn’t think this was a particularly good idea as the dog would keep disturbing me but I went ahead and slept on the sofa anyway. The following morning I crept out of the house at 4.30am, which by the way, is an absolutely disgusting time of day. Before starting work I sent a text to PIL saying that I’d arrived ok and then went on to say that “sleeping in the same room as the dog is like sleeping with you. He snores, farts and steals all the duvet!” I didn’t receive a reply. Anyway, I think PIL must have had a bad day because since then she hasn’t spoken to me at all. I don’t know why. I suspect my text is in some way connected but I don’t know how or why. Any suggestions?


PIL is NOT amused


Have a smashing day.

More Dick soon




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