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When I started this blog I had an idea whereby some of the posts that I publish are linked in some way to previous posts. There would be a thread connecting them. So, for instance, at the end of my first ever post, despite having no medical training, I offered advise on a specific medical condition. In my second ever post I wrote about my experience with that particular medical condition and at the end of it I again offered medical advise on another condition. My third post spoke about that and at the end of that post I offered financial advise and my fourth post was about how having children was economically disastrous. I then posted an email I had sent to my sister Boo some months ago and included a picture that looked nothing like her followed by a post about my sister again with a picture that looked nothing like her. And so on.


Boo. My sister. She looks nothing like this either.

I thought I was being pretty clever with these threads passing through my posts but then I realised (and I admit to being very slow on the uptake here), that it was all nonsense. The latest post is shown first so if you come in half way through then you have absolutely no idea what I’m on about. Of course, it is possible to have the first post first if you see what I mean but that means you have to plough through loads of older posts you may have already read to get to the latest one. What am I to do? I have thought long and hard about this and finally, earlier today I decided what I’m going to do about it. Fuck all.

Have a great day.

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First, I apologise for not having published any posts for a while. It’s been a busy time with work and Christmas shopping. I am a passionate shopper in that I hate shopping with a passion. I know that these days you can purchase everything on-line but unfortunately for me I like to see first hand what it is I’m buying so that means I have to go to the shops.


Shoppers aka Arseholes

It’s not necessarily the act of shopping I hate, it’s all the other people shopping at the same time as me that does my head in. I’m not fond of crowds in the first place which is why I live in the boonies. It just seems to me that shoppers leave their manners and any civilised behaviour at home when they go out and shop. I was in the supermarket earlier today and someone had left their trolley right where I wanted to get something. I looked around to see if I could see who it belonged to but everyone in the aisle either had a trolley or a basket. So I moved it and as I did so a woman came up to me and said,

“Do you mind?”

“Do I mind what?” I replied

“Not moving my trolley.”

“First, I didn’t know it was your trolley and second you’d it left blocking access to the milk and I want some milk.”

“Well don’t move it.”

So naturally I said,

“Well don’t leave it in people’s way then.”

“You rude man.” she said and stormed off.

Me? Rude? I thought I’d been quite polite in the circumstances. I didn’t swear or raise my voice. I hadn’t left a shopping trolley in everyone’s way and yet, I was in the wrong according to that silly old bat.

I found myself the other day in Canterbury city centre with an hour or two to spare so I thought I’d do some Christmas shopping. I lasted twenty minutes and then thought,

“Nah. I’m going home.”

People walk out of shops and suddenly stop in the doorway for no reason and you walk into them so they glare at you as if you are going to rob them. Or they walk straight across the pavement at right angles to the flow of pedestrians without looking so you bump into them and they glare at you as if it’s your fault. I cannot be dealing with this but what’s the answer? I want to get nice gifts for my family at Christmas. If you have any ideas on how I can avoid crowds when shopping, please let me know because it’s driving me nuts.

Have a fabulous day.

More Dick soon.auto