Boo. My sister. This looks nothing like her either

Boo. My sister. She looks nothing like this either

My sister Boo falls over. A lot! If there is a kerb stone, twig, tree root or banana skin to trip or slip on, she’ll find it. Sometimes she just falls over for no reason at all! Luckily, she’s not very tall so doesn’t have far to fall and the ground always breaks her fall. The ground is useful like that. It’s not that she has an inner ear problem or has got CJD, although I think she’s sometimes referred to as a mad cow! My sister just likes falling over. Walking alongside her can be an unnerving experience. We can be strolling along chatting when she will suddenly disappear from sight followed a split second later by a soft “Thud” as she hits the deck. Then, after another short pause there will be a muffled “Bugger!” from ground level. And we haven’t even got to the pub yet! We all reckon that it wasn’t fracking that caused the earth tremors near Blackpool in 2011, we believe that Boo had a succession of tumbles that had reverberated all the way from Wales to Lancashire via some previously unknown geologically fault line.

Boo. My sister. She often looks like this

So if you should ever find yourself in the western part of Wales and a woman wearing a Barbour, wellies, a big jumper and carrying a chicken under her arm unexpectedly and for no discernible reason falls over in front of you, don’t worry. It’s only Boo. Please give her a hand up and say “Hi”. She’s very friendly and may offer you a cup of tea and some eggs. She will certainly talk to you. Plus she’s my sister and I love her to bits.

Have a lovely day.

More Dick soon!auto


8 responses to “Boo

  1. Thanks for that! You always make me laugh and I love you to bits too little brother Dick. X


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Made me laugh too remembering all the times you’ve fallen over. I seem to remember that you fell out of my car once while we were driving along! How on earth did you manage that? Have a lovely day and I’ll see you soon. Dick xx


  2. LOL! That last picture almost made me pee myself, as did the sentence, ‘My sister just likes falling over’, like it’s just one of her many hobbies.
    Very funny and a great tribute to your sister.

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    • Thank you. Boo seemed to spend a lot of time flat on her face for reasons known only to her. It didn’t matter where she was either. She’s fallen over in restaurants, pubs, the street, in fields and on one occasion she managed to fall out of my car as we were driving along! Fortunately we were moving slowly. She’s a very funny lady.


      • Boo sounds a bit like me and Spawn Mr D. For some reason, we have both been blessed with two left feet and our special skill involves falling UP the stairs. But how on earth did your sister fall out of a moving car?? That must be worth a post?

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      • She was pissed! Says it all really. However, that was not her normal state. She was normally stone cold sober when she fell over.

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      • In Boos defense, I had a Range Rover at the time and she claimed the ride made her car sick. So rather than throw up in my car she bailed out to chunder. She failed to tell me thats what she was doing so we were still moving when she left the car and said “Hello” to the road. The three bottles of wine she’d necked had nothing to do with her puking however.
        Have a splendid day.


  3. What a funny and loving post about your sister!


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